How to start Windows XP in Safe Mode

  1. Turn the computer on and repeatedly press the F8 key.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select: Safe Mode
  3. Press: [Enter]
  4. Press: [Enter]
  5. Wait for the drivers to load.
  6. Login with User name and Password of an Administrator account.
  7. Click: [Yes]
  8. Safe Mode is ready for use.
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How to run the New Connection Wizard in Windows XP

  • These instructions are for offices that connect to the Internet through a router. They will not work for a computer connected directly to a DSL modem.
  1. Click: Start
  2. Click: Control Panel
  3. a. Click: Network and Internet Connections (if Control Panel is set to Category View)
    b. Click: Internet Options (if Control Panel is set to Category View)
    c. Click: Internet Options (if Control Panel is set to Classic View)
  4. Click: Connections
  5. Click: Setup
  6. Click: Next
  7. Click: Next
  8. Select: Set up my connection manually
  9. Click: Next
  10. Select: Connect using a broadband connection that is always on
  11. Click: Next
  12. Click: Finish
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Clean Boot Windows XP

  1. Click: Start > Run
  2. Type: msconfig [Enter]
  3. Click: Services tab
  4. Select: [x] Hide All Microsoft Services
  5. Click: [Disable All]
  6. Click: Startup tab
  7. Click: [Disable All]
  8. Click: [OK]
  9. If you get “Access Denied”, Click: [OK]
  10. Click: [Restart]

If the problem goes away, re-enable items selectively until the problem returns.

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